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Sewers software needs to be registered to run. Registration is a simple process where you use the Checkin Manager to touch base with the BJSoftware web site. The Checkin Manager will send the following information to the web server:

  • User ID - your Sewers ID. This is the email address that you registered with.
  • Password - your Sewers password. If you forget your password contact BJSoftware to either retrieve it or change it.
  • Your Sewers software version.

The server will validate your User ID and password against the database to make sure you are signed up to use the software. Then the server will verify that you are using a new enough version of the software. The server will let you know if the version of software you are using is too far out of date. The latest version of Sewers is always available for download from Automated updating from the web is available from “Check for Updates…” in the “Help” menu.

Your registration is updated every time you use the Checkin Manager or purchase a system.

If you do not connect to the web site for over 30 days you will not be able to create new designs. To re-enable the software you just need to check-in. This check in requirement is built in as a safeguard to ensure that all of our associates are using up to date software.