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If you are creating a new persona the information for the new one will be copied from the default persona.

Fill in the text boxes on the left with your information. The two boxes on the right contain images. Both images are optional. If an image is not provided a blank space will be printed instead.

BJSoftware will gladly scan your letterhead and/or signature for you. Just let us know.

Click the “Save” button when you are finished.


This text should be your name or name and company. This is used in the “Certification” section of the design report and in invoices.

Contact Info

This text should include your complete contact information:

  • Designer Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • City, State Zipcode
  • Telephone

The contact info is used in the design report to identify the designer.

Remit to

This text should include enough mailing information for an invoice:

  • Designer Name and/or Company Name
  • Address
  • City, State Zipcode

The remit to text is used on invoices to tell the client where to send remittances.


This should be an image of your letterhead. It prints on the first page of the design and on the top of invoices.


This is an image of your signature. It is used to endorse the “Certification” section of the design. If left blank a space will be provided for your hand written signature.


(signature blurred for security)