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Many of the selectable settings in the Design Wizard can be set as defaults using this editor. If a value is set with this editor then when you create a new design the Design Wizard will start with these settings already filled in. If you do not want a default value for the item leave it blank.


  • SEO - Sewage Enforcement Officer - The person issuing the permit.
  • County - The county where the site is located.
  • Agency - The township or other permitting agency.

Fee is the amount you charge for a design.

The “Note for Invoice” is inserted into the invoice when the invoice is printed.


Site Investigation

  • Perc - Percolation rate in minutes per inch (min/in).
  • Limit Zone - Depth to limiting zone in inches (in).
  • Slope - Slope at the absorption area in percent (%).

Dosing Tank Location

  • Elevation change tank to mound - the vertical difference in feet (ft) of the ground measured from the dosing tank position to the high point of the absorption area before any construction.
  • Direction - Direction of the mound from the tank. Select up or down as appropriate.
  • Distance tank to bed - The horizontal distance in feet (ft) from the dosing tank to the center of the absorption area.
  • Extra depth of dosing tank - Use this to indicate that the dosing tank will be set deeper than standard. The software assumes the dosing tank bottom is about 5 ½ feet below grade.


  • Flowrate or number of bedrooms - If this number is less than 10 then the software assumes it to be the number of bedrooms. A number 10 or larger is assumed to be the daily building flow rate in gallons per day (gpd).


The “Size Constraints” information tells the software how to optimize the shape of the system. Its use is optional. The optimizing algorithm chooses the system that has the best fit to the constraints (minimum area overlap outside of the size constraint rectangle defined by “Width” and “Length”) and that meets DEP rules.

  • Type - Which footprint of the system to constrain. You can use the aggregate area, toe of sand, or toe of berm to constrain the system.
  • Width - Width (with slope dimension) constraint in feet (ft).
  • Length - Length (across slope dimension) constraint in feet (ft).
  • Minimum Abs Area - Minimum absorption area in square feet (sq ft) - If a number is given here the software will generate a system that has an aggregate area at least as big as the value given.

Minimum Abs Area

  • This overrides the minimum absorption area required by the state.


The justification text prints as the reasons allowing the use of Best Technical Guidance, Alternate, or Experimental systems.


The plumbing options are slightly different for pumped and siphon-based systems. Coupling quantities for both are calculated on the fly based on pipe lengths of 10 ft. This causes a very slight conservative overestimate of plumbing friction if 20 ft lengths are used.

Pumped Delivery Fittings

  • 90º Elbows - at least one is required to exit the tank.
  • 45º Elbows - multiple 45º elbows are always preferable to 90º elbows.

The software estimates a fittings allowance for the system. You can adjust the quantities for fittings that are not grayed out.

Siphon Delivery Fittings Allowance

  • 90º Elbows are not allowed in siphon systems and 45º elbows should be used sparingly.
  • Ball valves are recommended in the DEP SEO manual, but are not strictly required.

Tank Selection

Tanks Displayed

  • Generics - If checked then all the basic tank configurations in the database will be included in the lists.
  • Brands - If checked then tanks associated with a manufacturer will be included in the lists.
  • Local only - If checked then only the brand named tanks that are deliverable to the county of the site will be included in the lists. The county is determined by the county selected on the client info page.

Tank Selection Restrictions

  • No restrictions - you can specify none, one, or many tanks.
  • Require at least one but allow multiple tanks to be selected - you can specify one or many tanks.
  • Require exactly one tank be selected - you must specify one and only one tank.


As of this writing only Zabel effluent filters are included.

Plot Plan

There are three options for how plot plans are handled:

  • Include Instructions - a page is added to the design that explains the requirements of a plot plan.
  • Draw here - allows use of the build-in CAD system.
  • External - indicates you will draw the plot plan by hand or with another application.

Select the units based on what units you use in your CAD system so that the software will scale the footprint drawing correctly.


  • Allow Color - turn off if you are having printing problems.