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The Client Lookup Utility allows you to find clients by searching through the client database using many different criteria. By default the client list starts with no clients showing. You select a search criteria (last name, address, phone number, etc.) and enter the search text and the client list will update automatically.

Client List Sorting

By default the clients are sorted by their client codes. To change the sort criteria click on the column you want to sort by.


Action buttons become active/inactive as you select clients from the client list.

  • New - Opens the New Client dialog so you can add a new client to the system.
  • Edit- Opens the Client Editor so you can change information about the client.
  • Use - If you got to the Client Lookup from the Design Wizard, then pressing the “Use” button will insert the selected client code into the client ID on the Design Wizard..

Search Criteria

Use the “Search on” drop down menu to select the field to search on.

Search String

Enter a search string to start the search. The client list will update as you type. You can limit the search to only data that begins with the search string or to any data that contains the search string.