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The Design Search Utility is a powerful tool for finding systems when you do not have the serial number for the design you are looking for. The design list is updated as you change the searching criteria. By default the list starts with all designs included.

Design List Sorting

By default the designs are sorted by their Serial Numbers. To change the sort criteria click on the column you want to sort by.

Most of the column titles are obvious. However the three that indicate the client information relationships are not:

  • P - Permittee, an asterisk (*) indicates the name and address info is for the permittee.
  • M - Mail to, an asterisk (*) indicates the name and address info is for the mail to client.
  • B - Bill to, an asterisk (*) indicates the name and address info is for the bill to client.

Search Matches

Using more than one search feature at a time combines the searches so that each search feature must be satisfied. In other words the search results are “anded” together.

Searches performed on text are “full text” searches in that a match occurs when all the characters in the search string match any part of the target. For example, a search string of “d” matches all of the following names:

  • Randy
  • Donald
  • David
  • Daniel
  • Ed
  • Howard

While “da” would match:

  • David
  • Daniel


Action buttons become active/inactive as you select systems from the design list.

  • New - Opens the Design Wizard to create a new system design.
  • Borrow From- Uses the selected design as a starting point for a new system design. Opens the Design Wizard with a new design filled in with the data from the selected design.
  • Replace - Creates a new design that will replace the selected design. This is similar to Borrow except the database records that the original design has been superceded by the new one.
  • Edit Design - Opens the selected design for editing.
  • View/Print - Opens the View/Print utility for viewing or printing of the selected design.

Searching by date range

You can limit the list of designs to those designed within a range of dates either by when the design was first created or when it was last edited.

Clicking the drop down for either date box will pop up a calender:

Searching by Agency Info

You can limit the design list to matches on agency info.

  • SEO - Sewage Enforcement Officer - The person issuing the permit.
  • County - The county where the site is located.
  • Agency - The township or other permitting agency.
  • Permit No - The serial number assigned to the septic permit.

Searching by Client Info

By default only records for the Permittee are shown. To show any additional records for the mail to or bill to clients uncheck the “Display Permittee only” checkbox.

Select a client related field to search on by using the drop down menu.

Enter the text to search on in the “Search String” box.