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The Invoice Manager is a utility for preparing invoices and updating the invoice and payments database. Only unpaid invoices are shown in the list. Once an invoice has been marked as paid it will no longer show.

Actions are performed on the invoices you have checked.


When you select an action to perform the “Do Action” button will enable and its name will change to that action. Actions are performed only on those invoices that are checked.

After the “Do Action” button is pressed the action will be performed on the checked invoices and then the invoice list will be updated to reflect the changes.

The Actions

  • None
  • Prepare Invoices - A new invoice is created for each checked invoice in the list. A window will appear where you can review the new invoices and print them or cancel the operation. If you print the invoices you will be asked if you want to update the database. Unless you really do not want to record that you invoiced for these systems again answer affirmatively.
  • Pay in Full - Updates the database to indicate that the checked invoices have been paid off.
  • Pay in Part - Opens a dialog that asks you for the amount that was paid on the invoice and records the transaction in the database. The process is repeated for each checked invoice.
  • Write Off - Flags the invoices as written off so that they can be excluded from the list.

Check marking the Invoices en-masse

  • All - Checks all displayed invoices.
  • None - Unchecks all displayed invoices.
  • Older Than → XX days - Checks all invoices that have not been billed in the last XX days.
  • Count Over → X - Checks all invoices that have been invoices X times.


  • Include written off debts - If checked the list will also include invoices that you have written off.