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Only those tabs with content will be visible. For example, if you are not billing for the system, then no invoice will be generated and the Invoice tab will not show.

  • Report - The completed design. This view is complete with regard to content but has not been paginated (formatted for printing). The report also contains the contents of the Overhead, Cross Section, 3D, and Staking tabs.
  • Overhead - The plan view of the bed drawing.
  • Cross Section - The cross section view of the bed drawing.
  • 3D - A three-dimensional drawing of the bed with perspective from down slope left and an exaggerated vertical scale.
  • Staking - The staking plan for the bed. Used for quickly laying out the bed using triangulation from two reference points.
  • Plot Plan - The plot plan as it will be printed.
  • Mailing Label - A sheet of printed mailing labels. We use a piece of double-backed carpet tape on the back of the sheet to turn these into sticky envelope labels.
  • File Record - A summary of the design suitable as a file copy for your records.
  • Invoice - A copy of the invoice.


There will be a slight lag as the print dialog opens while the design is being prepped for print.


The design can be printed either in total or in part. To print only a part of the design change the range numbers. PDFs are always printed in whole.

The number of copies affects only the printing of the design. The other items always print only one copy each. Printing to PDF creates only one copy of each item as well.


You can print to either a printer or to a PDF.

The default printer here is the same as the default printer you have selected for Windows. You can change the printer's properties (how the printer is set up) by pressing the “Properties…” button.

Select the items to print here. Only those items with content will be enabled. By default, all enabled items are selected for printing when the dialog opens.