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Use the Preferences Editor to change the settings for some of the calculations and choices made internally in the Design Wizard.


Sewers, by default, uses your Documents folder for your database. You can move the database to another location or share a Sewers database from another computer or server. The new location must have write permissions for you.



  • Free Access Sand Filter - override for the calculation of minimum tank surface area in free access sand filter tanks.

Design Includes

These are optional sections of the design report. None of these items are required by the DEP.

  • 3D View of Bed - a 3 dimension rendering of the discharge area
  • More Information - a list of sources for the homeowner's education
  • Bed Staking Diagram and Instructions - this two page section explains how to quickly and accurately stake out the disposal area using two survey tapes.
  • Contractor's Summary - this one page list contains the basic information that a contractor looks for in pricing out a system.
  • Materials List - list of estimated materials needed for the system.

Pump Switch Settings

  • Alarm buffer - the height of the alarm switch above the pump on switch.
  • Min pump submersion - the height of the pump off switch above the pump intake. This is the minimum amount of water that will always cover the pump. It is important to always keep the pump submerged to keep the pump from overheating and increasing its lifespan.
  • Intake above bottom - height of the pump above the bottom of the dosing tank

Spec Sheets

Spec sheets are included in the design when they are checked here and they are available in the database for:

  • Pumps
  • Aerobic Tanks
  • Septic Tanks
  • Dosing Tanks
  • Combo Tanks
  • Free Access Sand Filter Tanks

Spec sheets for other, less generic, items such as siphons, bio-filters, and effluent filters are always included in the design.

  • Maximize Size in Report - items in this list are normally printed a bit small in order to conserve paper and ink. Checkmarking causes the item to be printed much larger.

Misc 1

  • Pump Qualification - minimum head surplus is how much you require the pump's head ability to exceed the system's need. By example, if you require a minimum head surplus of 1 ft H2O and the system requires 30.2 ft H2O at a flow rate of 23.0 gpm then only pumps that can produce at least 31.2 ft H2O of head at a flow rate of 23.0 gpm will be allowed.
  • At-grade Berm Cover Thickness - The DEP allows designer discretion on the thickness of the berm cover on at-grade disposal areas.
  • Lateral Cleanout Angle\
    • 45° - the clean outs come up at a 45° angle. This style of cleanout is generally easier to maintain, allow it is more prone to breakage.
    • 90° - standard style cleanout
  • Delivery Line Attachment to Manifold for Pumped Systems
    • from below into manifold with a tee
    • from end into manifold with 45° elbow and cross
  • Pump Curve Size - specify how many pumps curves can fit across the page. The higher the number, the smaller the pump curve.

Misc 2

  • Base Font Size in Report (points) - this is the size of the normal text in the report. If you think the font size is too small then bump this number up.
  • Automatically check for updates - Sewers checks for updated software from the website at the frequency set here.
  • Business Summary - toggle whether or not the Business Summary is shown when Sewers starts.