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Main Toolbar

The most often used features from the main menu are also provided on the main toolbar for quick access.

Main Menu


  • New Design - Opens the Design Wizard to create a new system design.
  • Borrow From a Design - Uses an existing design as a starting point for a new system design. Opens the Design Wizard with a new design filled in with the data from the existing design.
  • Replace a Design - Creates a new design that will replace an existing design. This is similar to Borrow except the database records that the original design has been superseded by the new one.
  • Edit Design - Opens an existing design for editing.
  • Edit Plot Plan - Opens the Plot Plan Editor to edit an existing plot plan.
  • View/Print - Opens the Design Viewer for viewing or printing of an existing design.
  • Printer Setup - Utility for changing printer settings.
  • Exit - Quits the Sewers application.


  • Preferences - Opens the Preferences Editor where you can change how some of the calculations are made.
  • Design Wizard Defaults - Opens the Wizard Defaults Editor for the design wizard where you can set the values and settings for some of the inputs and controls.
  • Edit SEOs - Opens a simple checklist of SEOs for editing. This list is used to auto-populate the SEOs dropdown box on the first page of the Design Wizard. You can remove any SEOs from the list here.


  • Add Persona - creates a new persona.
  • Edit Current Persona - opens the Persona Editor to change the attributes of the currently selected persona.
  • Delete Current Persona - removes the current persona from the system. The default persona cannot be deleted.
  • Default - the main persona.
  • Others - the menu will include a list of personas you have created. The current persona is the one that is indicated by the radio button beside it.


  • Check In - Opens the Checkin Manager to connect you to the BJSoftware web site to enable the software. A count of the days you have left until the next mandatory check in is also shown here.
  • Purchase Designs - Opens the Purchasing Manager.
  • Business Summary - Opens the Business Summary.
  • Invoices - Opens the Invoice Manager.


  • Contents - Opens the help system to the contents page.
  • Index - Opens the help system to the index page.
  • Contextual - Toggles contextual help on and off. When turned on it opens the help system to the help page for the current screen. As you navigate through the software the help will follow along changing page as you change from one screen to the next.
  • Links - A list of general resources on the web. Selecting the link launches a browser and opens the link.
  • References - A list of links to reference materials.
  • Contact the Developers - Opens a browser to the “Contact Us” page so you can send a message to BJSoftware.
  • - Opens a browser to the website.
  • License - Displays the Sewers software licensing agreement.
  • About - Opens the copyright screen.
  • Check for Updates - contacts the web site to see if there is a newer version of the software available for download.
  • Check for Beta - If you are enrolled in the beta testing program it will contact the website to see if there is a beta version available. Sewers betas are versions with new features that have not been released to everyone yet. If you are interested in joining the beta program then send us a message.